Thursday, July 24, 2008

Projects, Cameras, Decisions

I like all kinds of cameras: their designs, functions, styles, shapes; but most of all, I like what they have to offer me as from the aesthetical point of view.

I find inspiration in whatever camera I can get my hands onto, and that’s how a new project is born every time.

I found the Lomo camera at the Malba's store. I chose the Supersampler because I've always been interested in the fragmentation, sequence and composition functions featured in this model. At that particular time, I was going through a phase where I needed to break free from my own structures and leave behind all imposed disciplines. So, the Lomo gave me the freedom I needed to get out there and play with whatever caught my eye. I emerged out of my little box and was then able to see life in colors and allow my eyes to wander around curiously.

So, that’s how this time I started off with the 'Shape'. The idea and full project came later on, after seeing some of the shots I’d taken with the camera. All of them, without my noticing – or at least not at a conscious level –, were of places I had visited during my childhood or adolescence. Everything: trips, country landscapes, routes, beaches… They were all places from my past, whose images had been trapped in my soul. I needed to resurface them, resignify and somehow honour them.

In order to capture and express my present, I took photographs of Buenos Aires, city where I was born and where I currently choose to live.

I worked two years with this project, selected 40 photos and worn out 2 Lomo cameras. Also, I recorded a video, ‘Paseo.’

Currently, I’m back working with my Rollei camera (back into my little box again), while I patiently wait for another Lomo camera to come my way and tempt me with a new project.

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